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Welcome – About Us

We do not overlook anyone or any business because we believe that every business owner deserves to have a business solution that helps increase their business productivity and efficiency. We endeavour that you include as many businesses as possible – from where to buy fresh corn in your local street to the biggest public companies in Nigeria, and we are excited to help you on your journey with us!


NIJIRI Business Network began in 2015, created by a group of Entrepreneurs frustrated by the annoying process of finding and negotiating with Trades People, Service Providers and Professionals in various service industries. We identified the necessity for a one-stop web application offering Search, Research, and Quick Contact using a single form.


To create a platform that is very useful for local consumers to interact with the local business owners, establishments, companies and organizations to express their experience on the quality of products and/or services they acquire from those who rendered to them using our reviews section to improve the quality of services.


We aim to make a genuine difference in people’s lives every day and seek to benefit the world around us by making it easier for people to get things done in a world of complexity and challenges, as we deliver simplicity and clarity – by creating customer experiences that inspire customer engagement.


At NIJIRI.com we constantly innovate business solutions and provides businesses to increase their productivity and efficiency by using our intuitive business systems to automate their day-to-day businesses, and to digitalize processing and able to access it online 24 hours and 7 days a week at their convenience.


We strive to improve our product and user experience on our website and to anticipate future customer requirements. Our goal is to use love, care and technology to open up time, connect people to what is important, and unlock the possibility of an inspired life for all.

Services – What We Offer

Customers are continuously searching for their requirements which not only cater to their need but also fit their pockets. NIJIRI.com offers you everything that you need to reach out to your customers, packages tailor made as per the mission of your business.

Banner Advertising

If you are looking for the best Return on Ad Spend (RoAS), NIJIRI.com is your destination. By utilizing all Ad channels effectively, we deliver a boom in your business with more traffic, more leads and more sales.

Specialty Advertising

As a business owner, you are offered the tools to Promote and Advertise on NIJIRI.com, and we will help arrange just whatever you need. Send an e-mail to ads@nijiri.com to enquire on available options.

Social Media Optimization

Just like SEO, our intent in catering to SMO services is the same – to generate web traffic and increase awareness of your website. NIJIRI.com has been, for the past 4 years, offering SMO services in Nigeria.

Search Engine Optimization

NIJIRI.com, different from other agencies is its boundary less venture across geographical boundaries in the field of SEO services in Nigeria, increasing the quality, quantity and visibility of website traffic.

Responsive Websites

We have proven success not just in being a Responsive Website Designer in Nigeria, but also in the field of Responsive Website Development across the borders. Write to info@nijiri.com for a FREE Quote.

E-Commerce Web Design

NIJIRI.com have skilled expertise in making your website the best e-Commerce website, enhancing your brand and digital presence while giving your customers an easy way to access the products they need.

CMS-Based Websites

We offer you not only expert advice but also through our qualified Web Designing team have served businesses in creating CMS based website in Nigeria and beyond. Send an e-mail to info@nijiri.com for a FREE Quote.


Our in-house Photographers can visit your business location and take some pretty amazing shots to help you develop a portfolio of crisp and enhance your profile page with team photos, product photos, and more.

Print & Signage

We can help extend your reach beyond the web. From Small Format Digital Print to Large Format Banners, Signage, Vehicle Wraps, Flat Signage, 3D Signage and much more. If we cannot do it – we know who will!

Stats – Our Profile

We are proud to share these service statistics. Our latest stats show another large increase in user engagements, driven by a rise in the number of monthly unique visits and increase in the number of  businesses searched.


businesses and services
search each month *


potential customers’
visits each month *


read reviews before
making a decision **


customers ratings after
service are rendered **

 * Google Analytics, January 2019 | ** E365 Online, 2017

Sponsors – Our Partners

We are happy to have experienced and knowledgeable Sponsors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but one common theme is their track record of building successful companies helping us financially and strategically pave the way toward success.