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Getting a placement through custom banners or in promotions on not only brings high quality visitors to your website but also gets you massive brand recognition in the space.

Whether you want to build brand awareness, generate qualified leads, boost traffic, or improve conversions, there is a NIJIRI Advertising product that is right for individuals and companies that we believe is a good fit for our unique NIJIRIANS as we offer several sponsorship and advertising opportunities, we also do custom campaigns and our content is often picked up by mainstream media sources like MSN, Google and Yahoo News.

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Below are some of the companies had worked and still works with, which we will be updating in the near future.


It is easy to promote yourself, however the true reflection of a business is in the feedback from your customers and clients.

“We’ve made at least 10 times of what we spent so far. On top of that, we’ve had over 312 subscribers to our newsletter only within 72 hours. We still have over 25 days to go. The truth is, this is the BEST ROI ever for me as an advertiser”

Olaleye Cole, CEO KIARO Insurance

“According to Google Analytics, initial stats show a little under 400 clicks have been sent over since the new design went live, which went live on Aug 22. Stats also show the average referral from views 2.24 pages and spends an average of 8:58 minutes on the blog”

Olaleye Cole, CEO KIARO Insurance

“I have not tracked sales from most of my ReviewMe reviews (because I do not generally track that granular), but put up affiliate links in his review of my eBook, and I can tell you that his review paid for itself the first day”

Olaleye Cole, CEO KIARO Insurance

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