Work With Us

We would like to connect and collaborate with Entrepreneurs worldwide. Sometimes all an Entrepreneur needs for career boost is a platform to showcase their skills or advertise their Products & Services. is the platform created solely for the purpose of Advertising, Broadcasting, Sharing, Referring and Spreading the news about Entrepreneurs, Side Business Owners and Aspiring or Seasoned Business Owners.

We would like to connect with you or anyone you know that fits these criteria to see where we can take our businesses – the plan is to increase sales, join us and let us collaborate!

Open Positions


You send us HD quality photo shoots with your camera and we feature on our website with credit to you and how people can contact you for hire or more job opportunities. We make the most excellent Photographer the official Photographer for NIJIRI Business Network.


Professional Videographer that makes and edits videos for online communities or platforms. Send us a link to your videos and if they match what we are looking for, you may just become’s official Videographer.

Sales, Marketers, Referrers

Convince note less than 10 businesspersons or companies to Sign Up and create a page on for a minimum period of 1 year, on a premium plan, and we pay you 20% of what they pay us.

Graphic Designers

Design business related Images, Pictures and Adverts (that are specific and customized for If we feature them on any of our platforms, we give credit and refer your skills to customers. You can also become the official Graphic Designer for, and this comes with its perks.

Web Developer & Technical Support

Are you an entrepreneur in this area? Get in touch with what you have done and currently doing to support websites and online portals, and you can be selected as’s official Technical Support agent if you meet our qualification requirements.


We are also looking for Bloggers with excellent command of English language, also with flair of storytelling that can captivate readers. You may just be selected as the official Blogger for NIJIRI Business Network.