Claim A Business

Claim Your Business

Of course, it is 100% FREE to claim your business on the NIJIRI Business Network. If you search and find your business or organization had already been listed, you do not need to submit the same business or organization again. You can just claim the listing, which would enable you edit its content to your satisfactory. gives anyone with enough information about a business or organization the priviledge to submit such details, whether or not they are authorized by the organization. At the same time, we do not allow multiple entries of the same business – this means that if your business or organization had been submitted and listed by another person (maybe a Customer, Unauthorized Staff, or Fan), you cannot list it again, even if the existing listing contents does not truly reflect your business. However, you can apply to claim the listing ONLY if you are an authorized personnel or owner of the business.

Why Claim Your Business?

It Builds Immediate Trust

Claiming your business lets you have a blue verified badge on your business profile that helps build trust and reliability in the sight of your new and old customers or visitors.

Reach New Customers

Claiming your business will allow you get full control of your already listed business, enabling you to update information like the Address, Contact Details, Gallery Images e.t.c., ensuring that potential

Funnel Users Back to Your Website

Claiming your business helps with funneling traffic back to your website and grows your following on social media. Do not lose your customers after the search results, stay in contact with them.

How To Claim Your Business

In order to claim your business, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Search for your business or organization (e.g. Ken Tee Ventures) on the homepage of the website.

STEP 2: If your business or organization i.e. Ken Tee Ventures is in the search result, click on Ken Tee Ventures.

STEP 3: Below the Contact Details, on the right corner, find and click on the ‘Claim Now’ text link.

STEP 4: Fill some data as you would be prompted to and ‘Submit’, while an Agent would get in touch with you.

Once we are satisfied with your Claim Request, upon provision of proof and evidence i.e. CAC Registration Number, TIN Number, Utility Bills e.t.c., we will make you the new author of the listing (where the initial author will lose total access to the listing) which will then give you the control to modify or edit the listing as you deem fit. Note however that our Listing Managers can edit listings, but you will receive an e-mail when this happens and you can Contact Us if you have any issue.

Keep your business a safe zone, and we will let the world know your business. But if we find violations of the law, we may lift off the claim and delete your listing from because legality matters!