Content Guidelines



NIJIRI Business Network allows users to contribute different kinds of content, including reviews, photos, videos, events, votes, tips, direct messages, and more. Playing nice is not rocket science, but just in case, we have put together these general guidelines. Please read the guidelines below and also check Author Rules and our Listing Guide for specific types of content that you might contribute to the site. reserves the right to remove any content contributed to our website by businesses, visitors or any other user of the website we deem to be in violation of our guidelines, at our discretion. All content is reviewed by moderators. Your listing or review submission will appear in search results once it has been approved by our moderators. Please allow up to 48 hours for any approved listings, updates and reviews to take effect. We are not bound to give any reason for such decisions.




Listings Content:

It is the responsibility of the Listing Owner to read and adhere to the Content Guidelines, The Listing Agreement, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before submitting any listing. reserves the right to decline to place, amend, or remove, any Listing that appears, in NIJIRI’s discretion, to infringe, be capable of infringing, or be associated with the infringement of, any applicable law or regulation or the intellectual property rights of NIJIRI or a third party.

Ensure all submitted content:

  • is an accurate and honest portrayal of your property or business
  • property or business listing is fully operational
  • does not violate any applicable laws or regulations

Prohibited Content:

  • listing descriptions that do not relate to the listing
  • WebPages from other directories
  • information pertaining to the promotion of another property or business unless it’s also listed with
  • fraudulent, false, misleading or deceptive information
  • anything that violates another person’s or entity’s rights
  • profane, illegal, offensive or derogatory content
  • sexually explicit or illegal material whether photographic or written, including links or comments


Inappropriate Content:

Colourful language and imagery is fine, but there is no need for threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, and other displays of bigotry.


Conflicts Of Interest:

Your contributions should be unbiased and objective. For example, you should not write reviews of your own business or employer, your friends’ or relatives’ business, your peers or competitors in your industry, or businesses in your networking group. Business owners should not ask customers to write reviews.


Promotional Content:

Unless you are using your Business Owners Account to add content to your business’s profile page, we generally frown upon promotional content. Let us keep the site useful for consumers and not overrun with commercial noise from every user.



Please make sure your contributions are relevant and appropriate to the forum. For example, reviews are not the place for rants about a business’s employment practices, political ideologies, extraordinary circumstances, or other matters that do not address the core of the consumer experience.



Do not publicize other people’s private information. Please do not post close-up photos or videos of other patrons without their permission, and please do not post other people’s full names unless you are referring to service providers who are commonly identified by or commonly share their own full names.


Intellectual Property:

Do not swipe content from other sites or users. You are a smart cookie, so write your own reviews and take your own photos and videos, please!


Demanding Payment:

Beyond simply asking for a refund to remedy a bad experience, you should not use removing or posting your review as a way to extract payment from a business, regardless of whether you have been a customer.




Do not be shy — use your account profile to let people know who you are and what makes you tick. Users want to read Reviews from people they know and trust (not those with profiles that are empty or laced with inappropriate content).




NIJIRI Business Network has a handy messaging feature to keep you connected with your fellow NIJIRIANS. First off, please do not use this feature to harass other Users or send other inappropriate content. Second, User accounts are for personal, non-commercial use only. Business owners should message Reviewers using their free Business Owners Account. In order to do so, we ask that they upload a clear photo of themselves to help personalize their message.




Business owners should be getting in on the act, too. Some words of wisdom:


From the Business:

You can tell the people a little something special about your business. Please keep it relevant: do not use this feature to attack your competitors, reviewers, or, and do not use it to seed keywords or post special offers or promotions — we will remove them if we see them.


Public Comments:

Direct messaging is often the best way to resolve a dispute with an unhappy customer, but business owners can also address issues publicly by posting a public comment. As with direct messaging, we ask that business owners upload a clear photo of themselves to help personalize their message. Do not use public comments to launch personal attacks, advertise, or offer an incentive to change a review.


Video and Photos:

There is no easier way to show how deliciously chocolate-y that chocolate mud cake was than with a picture, right? That said, it is important to keep in mind our photo guidelines, and understand why some photos may be moved or removed once they have been added.

Videos are a great way for advertisers to promote themselves on NIJIRI Business Network. Be as creative as you can, but please keep it clean. We are not big fans of imagery showing violence, drug use, nudity, near nudity, or suggestive acts. Also, please do not use your video to disparage other businesses, users, or; request or solicit reviews from users; or respond to user reviews.

Photos that do not make the cut to appear on a business’ page, will show with your Listing or on your profile depending on how useful and relevant it is to other users.

Exact duplicates, plagiarized photos, promotional content, photos of others posted without their permission, and very unpleasant or ugly photos will be removed altogether. Sorry, no room for negotiation here.

Because of their importance, we have a few specific guidelines:

  • Stock images are not allowed, so please choose images which depict your business.
  • The photo needs to be visually appealing.
  • The image should have high resolution (images with 800×600 pixels or greater in resolution).
  • Photos of raw ingredients are not allowed, unless that is the way the food is served.
  • Please do not add superimposed logos to the photos. However, in-content branding, such as logos on boxes, walls, crockery, etc is allowed.
  • Horizontal photos are preferred, as they would be far better suited to the page layout. While vertical photos are allowed, the focal elements of the image may be lost when it is cropped to the required dimensions.
  • Websites, phone numbers, and other text should not be superimposed on the photo.


Do Not Ask for Reviews and Do Not Offer to Pay for Them Either:

Please do not ask your customers to review your business on Over time, solicited reviews create bias on your business page — a bias that savvy consumers can smell from a mile away. You should also never offer compensation (discounts and freebies count too) in exchange for reviews.




Review Guidelines:

The best reviews are passionate and personal. They offer a rich narrative, a wealth of detail, and a helpful tip or two for other consumers. We welcome your reviews, but we will like your review to be useful to other users. To achieve this goal we will appreciate it if you follow the following guidelines:

  • Your review must be based on your own personal experience with the business in. Do not write reviews based on hear say.
  • Do not write a review that is misleading or inaccurate.
  • Rate the business on a scale of 1 to 5 before sending your review PLEASE!!!
  • Do not use abusive and hateful words on your reviews.
  • Your aim when writing review is to help other customers make better decisions.
  • Write your review on the detailed view of the Listing you are reviewing not an affiliates. For example if you want to write a review about the services of a bread maker, write it on the detailed view of the bead maker, not on that of a dealer or on another Listing for that matter.
  • Be as concise as possible.
  • Do not use your review to pitch another business, if you have a good review about a business write it only on its detailed view.
  • Report inappropriate reviews using our contact page.
  • Do not ask questions in your reviews. Share your experiences.
  • Before writing a negative review, make sure you have contacted customer care to resolve your issues.


Personal Experience:

We want to hear about your firsthand consumer experience, not what you heard from your co-worker or significant other. Try to tell your own story without resorting to broad generalizations and conclusory allegations.



Make sure your review is factually correct. Feel free to air your opinions, but do not exaggerate or misrepresent your experience. We do not take sides when it comes to factual disputes, so we expect you to stand behind your review.


Review Updates:

Review updates should reflect a new experience or interaction with the business. Do not tell the same old story you have already told. If you would like to add new insight to an old experience, just edit your review instead of creating a new update.


Reviewing and Rating a Listing:

You can rate listings on on a scale of 1 to 5. A rating can either be part of a review or on its own. Your rating should reflect your satisfaction with the organisation, their products, or the services they render. The more satisfied you are in the services of an organisation the higher the score you should give it.

Please do not rate an organisation higher or lower than they deserve. Your rating must be based on your personal experience with the business in Lagos and must not be based on hear say or operations of the business outside Lagos.

To Rate a listing, you must have a account. Note that you can also login with your Facebook credentials, if you link your Facebook account to your account.


How to Review:

You can review businesses and organisations registered on the NIJIRI Business Network Directory. However, to review a listing, you need to be a registered user. To review a business, you have to open its detailed view. The review box can be found at the bottom of the detailed view of the listing.

The aim of the review feature is to enable you share your thoughts and experiences with organisations, businesses, companies, and government institutions listed on This we believe will help others in taking better decisions on which organisations offer quality services. It is also aimed at forcing businesses to offer better customer services, by making customer service issues open. However, we ask that you are polite with your review and straight to the point. Also try to get in contact with the business to solve your problems before writing negative reviews. Note that a review is not a forum where you ask questions, you only share your experiences.


How to Write a Review:

The review box can be found at the bottom left corner of the listing you wish to review, if it is not visible, it means you are not logged in. So, log-in first. You need an Lagos List account to login. You can also login with your Facebook credentials if you link your Lagos List account with your Facebook account.

Here are steps to follow when you want to write a review:

  • Click on Write Review to expand the review box.
  • Rate the Listing, by choosing from 1 to 5 in the Rate Now selection box, the more satisfied you are in a listing the higher the rating you should give it. Your rating should reflect your review.
  • Write a title for the review.
  • Write the review following our Review Guidelines (see above).
  • Attach images following Photo Guidelines (see below).
  • Click send.

If all goes well, your review will be published.


Photo and Video Guidelines:

Business photos and videos should be broadly relevant to the business and reflect the typical consumer experience (e.g., what the business looks like, what the business offers, etc.).

If you post a photo or video that showcases a more unique personal experience with a business (e.g., your smiling group of friends at the bar, the fly in your soup), we may remove it from the photo gallery for the business, but it still may appear alongside your review if you write one about the business.




We know that being able to ask and answer questions from the community about a business is extremely valuable, but as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Here are some things to think about when interacting with other users via questions and answers


Be Helpful:

A lot of people will benefit from your questions and answers, so stick to questions that are also relevant to others, do not ask loaded questions or make presumptions, and keep the tone civil and non-argumentative. A little humor is fine, but if you really do not have anything meaningful to add, best not to say anything at all.


Be Specific:

Although broad questions and generic answers may get a large response, they might not provide quality information you are looking for. By adding more context and details into your questions/answers you will get more focused information and meaningful conversation. Also, keep your questions limited to the business at hand. Topics like “what is the best restaurant in town” are best discussed in Talk.


Be Clear:

If your question is not easy to understand, it is less likely to receive any answers. Ensure your questions have as much detail as possible to get the best possible answers.


Avoid: Answering a question with another question; this detracts from the original question and is not very helpful.