About NIJIRI.com

What is NIJIRI.com?

NIJIRI.com is a growing online business directory and community, giving Nigerian businesses a place to connect and grow by offering a simple and effective way for them to promote their products and services to potential customers. Our main objective is to harness the power of the internet to help drive new customers to businesses listed on the NIJIRI Business Network.

Who owns NIJIRI.com?

NIJIRI.com is an online venture of Crayon Webs – a Nigerian based IT services firm. Founded in 2015, Crayon Webs a complete web solutions provider with its operations based in Nigeria comes to you with the message – put your business and services on the fast track of growth with the next generation tools of information technology.

How does NIJIRI.com work?

NIJIRI.com gives your potential customers the ability to search for service professionals like you by category, specialties, location, reviews and keywords relevant to your business. These keywords are tied to your profile — so the more information you provide, the easier it is for customers to find you.

How do I get leads from NIJIRI.com?

NIJIRI.com consumers have access to your business information so they can call or e-mail you at the very moment they are actively searching for your services.

Where does NIJIRI.com gets its address listings information?

NIJIRI.com works with data providers who collect publicly-available business information such as name, location, and phone number. To ensure this information is correct, we encourage companies to come online and add more details about their services. This extra information gives consumers an edge in picking the right company to get the job done. Is your business listed on NIJIRI.com? Click here to register your business.

Why should I register my business on NIJIRI.com?

NIJIRI.com gives you a powerful opportunity to reach your target customers at the very moment they are searching for your service and provide them with more useful, in-depth information than they cannot get from any other search option. Read Why Choose NIJIRI.com.

How do I register my business on NIJIRI.com?

Registering is easy! First, you can save time by checking to see if your business is already listed on NIJIRI.com. Start by doing a simple search using the search box at the top of any NIJIRI.com page. If you find your business in the search results, click on your business’ name. Then, look for the “Claim Now” button. You will be taken to a landing page where you can register your business, add content, and make corrections.

If your business is not already published on NIJIRI.com, go back to the NIJIRI.com Homepage and click the “Join Now” link. On the next page you’ll find options on listing your business, and then you can follow a simple step-by-step process to register your profile.

Profile Building

Do I need to confirm my registration?

Yes. An e-mail was delivered to you shortly after creating your profile. This e-mail contains instructions for confirming your registration. You must confirm your registration before your business profile will show on NIJIRI.com.

Note: even if you registered a pre-existing business on NIJIRI.com, you still must confirm your registration.

How can I get more out of my NIJIRI.com profile?

You should Contact Us as our experts have put together a library of information to help you get the most out of your profile. With advice on how to personalize your business listing, score higher on search results, and more, there is valuable information here for everyone.

Why do some listings contain the “Ad” features and others do not?

FREE Listings are sponsored by NIJIRI.com. In return, NIJIRI.com reserves the right to link to other areas of interest within the page. Premium Listings are sponsored by the business owner. Therefore, NIJIRI.com does not publish these features to Premium profiles.

How does my listing get listed in the “Ad” features?

NIJIRI.com’s “Ad” feature randomly displays already reviewed and rated listings in similar categories that are being promoted through the Ad Campaigns.

Adding A Listing

What is a business listing on NIJIRI.com?

NIJIRI.com business listings are “business cards” added by company representatives who provide information about who the company is and what product or service they provide.

Can I add my business to NIJIRI.com?

Yes! We would love you to be a part our growing business directory, network and community! Adding your business to NIJIRI.com is easy… Click here to add your company information.

Why should I register my company on NIJIRI.com?

Because adding a listing is a great way to increase traffic to your business. Once registered you can update your company profile, connect with other companies and take advantage of additional tools available to improve the performance of your Listing on NIJIRI.com.

Am I required to have a website for my business?

No. With a detailed profile on NIJIRI.com, your business will appear in search results with all other businesses in the market, whether or not you maintain a business website.

Can I link to my website from NIJIRI.com?

Yes! If you do have a website, by all means link to it. You should give customers as many ways to reach you as possible. Upgrade to a Premium profile and get features such as Photos and Introductory Video.

Am I able to change my profile information once it is published on NIJIRI.com?

Absolutely. You can log in to your profile and add or edit content on your profile at any time.

My business is listed more than once. What do I do?

Please select which of the business profiles you wish to register. Then Contact Us with the exact spelling of the duplicate profile as it is displayed on NIJIRI.com along with the phone number and address. We will gladly remove the duplicate. Please allow 48 hours for the changes to appear on the website.

Can I register more than one business?

Yes. Each registration must contain a unique business name, unique phone number, unique contact e-mail address, and unique user name. Please know that duplicate accounts will be deleted.

Verified Profile

What is a Verified account?

Any account with a blue Verified badge on their NIJIRI.com profile is a Verified account – it is to let other NIJIRIANS know that you are a trustworthy source.

Why does NIJIRI.com Verify accounts?

We Verify accounts to establish the authenticity of key and active NIJIRIANS on the NIJIRI Business Network. While we keep tweaking our prerequisites for Verification, it is broadly used to acknowledge the effort put in by the reviewers who write informative, unbiased, and useful reviews that help the NIJIRI Community.

We want to shout out to everyone else that we have personally met the NIJIRIANS we Verify, and that their content can be trusted and will be beneficial to you (not taking into account subjective opinions, of course). We look for accounts that provide helpful, qualitative, credible information to NIJIRIANS on the NIJIRI Business Network. Great content, diversity of Neighbourhood Expertise, and overall activity on NIJIRI.com are just some of the many factors considered, but we often revise our criteria based on the user activity we see on the NIJIRI Business Network.

Why has my account not been Verified? Can I ask NIJIRI.com to Verify my profile?

If you think you meet the criteria for Verification and have not yet received a badge, please be patient. We are working on an ongoing basis to Verify accounts that are helpful to the NIJIRI Community. Please keep writing great and unbiased reviews so that we can spot you more easily. We do not accept requests for profile Verification.

Do Verified accounts get access to extra features?

No, they do not! Listings are Verified for their passion for their services and expressing that through their reviews and pictures on NIJIRI.com. There are no special privileges or features offered to Verified accounts (besides the appreciation and free hugs).

Can one lose their Verified status?

Yes. Listings can lose their Verified status if they are found to be in violation of our Terms & Conditions. We expect businesses with Verified profiles to set great examples for the NIJIRI Community.

Business Information

How long does it take for my new business to appear on NIJIRI.com?

Please allow 5 hours for new business profiles to publish. If your business has not published to the website after this time, Contact Us for a list of possibilities and solutions.

Does NIJIRI.com offer a business newsletter?

Yes, the “NIJIRI.com Insider” is a FREE newsletter e-mailed weekly to all registered businesses. “NIJIRI.com Insider” offers advice and tips for getting the most out of your profile and the best ways to grow your business.

What are the business name guidelines?

Name change requests go into a queue that is checked each business day, except holidays. We will do our best to approve requests that follow our style guidelines within 24 hours.

Business names must follow the following guidelines:

  • Names must appear in Title Case only, not in UPPER CASE.
  • Names must be the actual name of the business.
  • Slogans, service area or payment-type information is not allowed.

Approved changes show on the website within 48 hours.

The NIJIRI.com map to my business is not right. What do I do?

NIJIRI.com maps are powered by Google Map. If your map is incorrect, you first may want to check your business address for accuracy. While entering your business address, should it be unrecognizable, NIJIRI.com will suggest variations of the address based on available information in our database. Often, using the suggested version of the address will correct your map.

If your address is new, you may wish to contact Google Map directly. They will coordinate with the Nigeria Postal Service to make the latest information available.

Billing, Upgrades and Payments

What are these optional listing upgrades?

The various optional upgrades offered are yearly subscription services that give you more “bells and whistles” than a normal standard listing, and are designed to help attract more customers to your business. By upgrading you can make your listing stand out and attract more customers. Some of the extra benefits an upgraded listing receives are a bolded company title and a company logo, direct links to a company website and social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, extra keywords or phrases to get more exposure by appearing in more search results, extra towns and cities to reach more customers by appearing in search results for those locations (or choose the statewide option and be listed across the whole of your state).

You can also create a full company profile page with more details of products and services, opening times, photos and an interactive map showing the company location. A major benefit is priority placement in search results, positioning is everything and with priority placement listings will be seen first by customers within search results and get more views than free listings with general placement.

Are there other advertising options on NIJIRI.com?

Yes. NIJIRI.com offers a variety of advertising campaign options customized to fit your business needs such light Homepage Photo Credit, Spotlight, Top of Search and Ads on Listing’s Detailed Page. Contact our Ads group at ads@nijiri.com for more details.

What methods of payment can be used on NIJIRI.com?

We currently accept debit and credit card payments from Visa and MasterCard only. All credit card authorizations are conducted through a secure link with our secure payment gateway provider, Paystack.

How can I be sure my personal and billing information is protected?

Our online ordering system is secure and powered by Paystack. You will add your personal and billing information on a secure server. Any personal information, including your name, address, and credit card number, is secured for transmission over the internet using industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

Why has my listing not been upgraded after paying for an upgrade?

Most listings are upgraded immediately upon payment. However, on the rare occasion that it is not automatically upgraded, we will upgrade it manually within a maximum of 3 hours after the purchase was made.

What is NIJIRI.com’s Refund Policy?

You are free to cancel upgrade subscriptions at any time, but we do not refund for services already rendered. So if you decide to cancel your subscription after your account has been renewed, you will still receive the services you have already paid for, but your subscription will not be renewed the next time it expires.

Can I cancel my chosen upgrades?

Yes, you can cancel your upgraded listing at anytime. Any further recurring payments will be cancelled, however, you will be responsible for any charges incurred prior to cancelling your upgrade.

What do I do if I miss a payment or my credit card expires?

To avoid losing your upgraded features, please login and change or update the credit card associated with your subscription.

How do I cancel my upgraded profile?

Thousands of merchants are reporting tremendous increases in quality leads coming to their business through their upgraded profiles. If you are not seeing the results you want, you may wish to consider revising your profile so that it is more appealing to potential customers. Contact Us for advice on how to personalize your business listing, scores higher on search results, and more. If you still would like to cancel your upgraded profile, you can write to our Ads team at

ads@nijiri.com with subject line; Upgrade Cancellation Request, with the e-mail you signed up on the website with. Cancellations are processed during NIJIRI’s regular business hours. Cancellations received after 04:30 P.M. will be processed the next business day Monday – Friday (excluding holidays). Your account will be downgraded to a FREE listing at the end of your current billing period.

IMPORTANT: If you have more than one NIJIRI.com profile, you must submit a separate cancellation for each one. Each profile has its own unique login information. Therefore, submitting a cancellation for one profile will not automatically cancel any additional profiles.

Search Results

How does the keyword search feature work?

This relevance is based on several factors, including how closely the search request matches NIJIRI’s categories and other keywords (or the business name), the distance from the searcher’s location, and how much information the business gives NIJIRI.com when it registers. The more information you give NIJIRI.com when you register your business, the more likely the business is to appear near the top of a related search request. Keywords are directly related to specialties.

How can I get higher placement in the search results?

NIJIRI’s search results are designed to rank listings based on their relevance to the search request. This relevance is based on several factors, including how closely the search request matches NIJIRI’s categories and other keywords (or the business name), the distance from the searcher’s location, and how much information the business gives NIJIRI.com when it registers. The more information you give NIJIRI.com when you register your business, the more likely the business is to appear near the top of a related search request. Keywords are directly related to specialties.

Ratings and Reviews

Do my customers have to register to rate and review my business?

Yes. NIJIRI.com encourages visitors to give accurate and honest ratings and reviews of local service professionals. To protect the credibility of these reviews, we allow consumers to review a business location only once. That is why we ask visitors to register first.

How do I handle a negative review?

We do not remove many reviews, nor do we edit them. NIJIRI.com gives consumers the opportunity to voice their opinions about local businesses they have used, so you will find both positive and negative reviews throughout the site. We are often asked — essentially — to determine whether the merchant or customer is right. We cannot possibly determine that.

Reviews must abide by our Visitor Agreement. Contact Us to let us know if you think a review of your business is in clear violation. Please be sure to tell us your business name, phone number, city, state and the user name on the review you want us to check.

We encourage you have your loyal customers become members of NIJIRI.com and share their experience. Not everybody will have a great experience every time they use a service, however we believe a high number of good reviews offset the impact any negative reviews may have. Also know that the first page of your NIJIRI.com profile will display only the 10 most recent reviews. Therefore, 10 positive reviews will push negative reviews off the first page.

Please allow 48 hours for new Comments or Reviews to publish to NIJIRI.com.

How do I get NIJIRI.com to remove a review I think is libelous?

NIJIRI.com encourages NIJIRI.com consumers to give honest feedback. NIJIRI.com can not weigh competing claims, but we do offer all merchants the opportunity to respond to their reviews. Reviews must abide by our Content Guidelines and our Visitor Agreement.

My customers’ reviews have not been published. Why is this?

There are a few possible reasons:

  • Consumers must confirm their user registrations by e-mail before their reviews are published. If your customer did not confirm their registration, their reviews will not be published.
  • It may take 48 hours for new or edited reviews to be published.
  • Consumers may edit a review at any time.
  • Each business location contains its own reviews. When a location is deleted, so are any associated reviews.
  • If you have multiple locations and one of them does not have any reviews, it may be possible that the location you found on NIJIRI.com is that location without reviews.

Finally, NIJIRI.com reserves the right to refuse or remove any review that does not comply with our Content Guidelines or our Visitor Agreement.

How are the ratings averages calculated?

They are the average of the total overall star rating of your reviews rounded to the nearest half star.

Can reviews for one location be associated with all of my locations?

Each business location contains its own records. Therefore, a consumer must rate and review each location individually. Service standards may vary from one location to another. This feature allows consumers to see an accurate rating for each individual location. Further, should a consumer post a poor rating for one location, the other locations are not affected.

Contact Us

General Contact

The best and fastest way to get a response to your questions is through Online Support. Log in to your profile and click on the Contact Support button on top right corner in the User Dashboard.


To upgrade to a Premium listing, purchase an Ad Campaign or discuss Sponsorship, or even Partnerships, e.t.c., contact Ad Sales at ads@nijiri.com or call 080-6353-3835. NB: Our Sales Teams are available Monday – Friday, 09:00 A.M. – 05:30 P.M and if you have questions regarding your profile, Customer Support can help you.

I have a testimony.

Thousands of our merchants are getting great results from their NIJIRI.com advertising. We want to hear your story. Please Contact Us and tell us all about it.