Listing Guidelines

Listing Guidelines.

To get started, click on “Add Business” on the top right corner on the site.

You will want to scroll down the Pricing Plan’s page to familiarize yourself with the many ways we connect our members with our growing community of sustainable consumers and with one another.

Make sure you have reviewed our Author RulesContent Guidelines and our Privacy Policy. And do not worry – we do not expect your business to be 100% sustainable – part of our mission is to help you set goals and create initiatives to reach them.

Choose the plan that best suits your business. Clicking “Continue” brings you to the Submit Listing page. (Once you have created your Listing, you will be prompted to Pay and Publish it).

Now you are ready to create your Listing on!

Gather the assets you need to complete your profile: a logo, at least 5 great photos, and a description of your products or services.

Fill out your basic profile – your business name, tagline, address, phone and website. The template is really easy to use and there are lots you can add to make your Listing stand out. Type your town or city into the required field – making sure to use this format: comma, space – and also type your address into Google Maps and let it auto-populate. Do not overwrite what comes up in Google. If the Google address looks wrong, you can go to manual coordinates and use drop pin.  This will allow site visitors to find you on the map feature.  If you do not want to share your street address, you can just type the name of your town, or even the state name.

You can use the default business hours, click to remove them and leave this blank, or add your own hours.

We want you to get found in searches, so it is important that you select one or more business categories, and be sure to also check off any special features associated with that category. The features will populate as you select the category. Contact Us if you feel we should add a category.

Want to generate leads from your Listing? Add your e-mail address to enable users to contact your from the form on your Listing.

Price range is an optional field.  It is great for restaurants, stores or certain service providers.

You can now save your basic profile and come back to add and edit photos, videos, certifications, awards and more details anytime.

Save, Preview, Pay & Publish your Listing. Next, you will need to agree to our Terms of Conditions. We encourage you to look over this document as well as our Privacy Policy and other legal documents that detail our protections, protocols and rules of conduct.

When you are ready, you can Save and Preview your listing. Click and Publish now, or go back in and Edit, Update and Preview before selecting Pay & Publish.

To make your Listing live, click on Pay & Publish.

Select Paystack for payment – it is our one-stop service for credit card payments. Then select the listing. Make sure you see two blue dots – one by the Paystack selection and one by your Listing selection.  Now Proceed to Checkout.

Make it sparkle and shine! After you have created your basic Listing, you will want to enhance it with details that distinguish your business.

Got a sustainability story to tell? Share it with the NIJIRI Community in your detailed description. When filling out the detailed description field, be sure to either type your text, or copy paste it from a non-formatted source.  Material pasted directly from a web page or formatted document will not format properly in the form.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) area is a great place to highlight something you want users to know about your business.

Add social media URLs, and keywords to help you get found in searches.

Now let your friends and fans know you are part of our community. Share your Listing on social media, send out the press release and post your badge on your website.

You can add a URL for your YouTube or Vimeo video that will be featured at the top of your Listing.

Our website is full of beautiful images, and your Listing displays photos in several ways.

Upload multiple photos by dragging and dropping them into the images field.  This is where you can add your logo. WE RECOMMEND NOT MORE THAN 5 PHOTOS IN 600PX BY 600PX DIMENSION, JPG, LESS THAN 100KB FOR THE LISTING FEATURED IMAGE AND 800PX BY 600PX, JPG, LESS THAN 100KB FOR LISTING GALLERY IMAGES, so that they will fill the gallery display on the header of your Listing.

Use the Browse button below the images field to add a featured photo. Choose your favorite of the photos you uploaded to your gallery.  This photo will appear wherever your Listing displays on the site as a card – on the home page, in category pages, search results and ads. This is the place where you can upload a featured promotion for an upcoming event or special offer.  We advise against using your logo here – it will be covered by text and will display better in the header gallery area.

You will want to visit your dashboard frequently to update your Listing, check user engagement analytics, read and respond to reviews, and create ad campaigns.

We cannot wait to welcome you to the NIJIRI Community!

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