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For many small businesses, cost is a major barrier when it comes to marketing and advertising but has its designed ways you can market your business on a limited budget to promote your brand and boost up your sales to reach our qualified audience. is one of the most active and most visited business directories and indexing websites in Nigeria. We offer individuals and organizations the opportunity to connect with the monthly audience we attract through brand awareness. Imagine how far your Ads will go when they are seen and re-tweeted by our visitors, premium members, and brand followers! Whether you are looking to sell your products or services by listing them on the Directory or promoting them with a Sponsored Content; Custom Ad Display on the Website or through Social Media Broadcast, Lead Acquisition Processes and Strategic Partnership with us.


NIJIRI caters to your branding and marketing objectives – by reaching out, engaging and converting your target audience. We attract over 2,000 Page Views per month: men and women of highest demographics (25-45 years) with an average 5 minutes On-Site engagement time; and 72% influence tech-driven purchasing decisions.

Our Advertising Solutions

Spotlight Ads

Dedicated to all businesses, the premium account puts forth your business listing. A page is dedicated to the presentation of your services, along with your logo, photos and links to your website.

Details Page Ads

Need to raise your digital marketing game? You would better have a good playbook. Leverage your existing network and Build a “relationship map”. NIJIRI will help you reach the customers you deserve.

Top in Search

Getting ahead of the game is a necessity. As the owner of your business, you have an obligation to the results and it is easier when NIJIRI make important decisions regarding your business.

Homepage Credit

When people take note of your business, it can drive new customers and increase revenue. Do not let your online presence cost you business. If they cannot find you, they cannot choose you.

Sponsored Newsletter

You can choose to sponsor our newsletter sent to all of our members or a select target. The content of the newsletter changes with regard to the category and location of your target.

Sponsored Post

Blog posts is an effective and inexpensive way to get more exposure. It is a simple and easy process. It is a great way to promote special events, offers and news, and to reach new audiences through targeting.


We have over 700 e-mail subscribers, 1600 registered Premium User Accounts; 2200 Twitter Followers, 1800 Facebook Fans, 2000 Instagram Fans and yet the lists are still growing. These units will place your advertising message directly in the front of highly-engaged young graduates, business professionals and busy working executives who are passionate about cutting-edge technology and business related products.

See how our valued clients are succeeding.

“Before, we had real trouble getting clients in the door. Now, we get so many calls every day with potential clients saying things like, ‘Oh, I saw you online. Can I come in’?

“In today’s world, it is just so important to be online and to utilize the tools that search advertising gives us. I would definitely recommend NIJIRI to others – and I have”

“We grew, from June to July, almost forty per cent. From year-to-year our sales are up over sixty-six per cent. is just the right place for my business, no regrets or whatsoever!”

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