Why Choose NIJIRI

Why Choose NIJIRI.com?

Listing on NIJIRI.com is like selling at markets. The more services you list, the better your chances of moving your products. We are committed to helping our clients reach their goals, from personalising their leads experiences, to providing an innovative environment, and to making a difference.

1. Targeted Local Marketing: Locally targeted marketing means reaching more of the right customers more often – specifically your local based customers. It may also help you reach customers that live or work in the environs or other areas when they are looking for local NIJIRI businesses including services, professionals, tradesmen and venues.

2. Build Greater Business & Brand Awareness: By advertising with NIJIRI.com, the customers you are targeting will become more aware of your business, brand, products and services. Building a greater awareness of your business will help to grow your reputation. Customers tend to make purchases from trusted businesses that have good reputations together with quality products.

3. You Do Not Need To Have a Website To Advertise: No Website? No Problem! You do not need a Website to have a great online package with NIJIRI.com. Simply choose the package plan that is right for you and build your advert by filling in all of the fields in the advertisement wizard – except the Website link field. It is easy!

4. Perfect for Search Engine Optimisation: Local business directories usually have a lot of hits, and they therefore rank quite highly on major serps. The firms listed on them benefit from all of the exposure, and this is perfect for their Search Engine Optimisation efforts. Backlinks from a web-based directory have very high quality because they are produced by a trustworthy and well-known source. The one-way links towards website could also help to boost website positioning.

5. Pay Online With Confidence: NIJIRI host the profiles of local enterprises for FREE or with a very low price. The company can obtain a number of exposures, and they can properly market themselves through their profile. Prospects can find out in regards to the business and anything that it offers. Local listings are therefore a really major marketing tool for local companies. NIJIRI.com uses the speed, ease and safety of Paystack for you to be able to pay your account. Choose the convenience of Visa or Master Card payment options – with no surcharge on credit card payments.

6. Google & Search Engine Listings For Your Ads: Your advertising – Found directly on Google and other major search engines. Every FREE, Basic and Premium plan ad that is placed on NIJIRI.com is submitted to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines to be indexed. What this means to you, is that your customers’ may not need to go onto the directory to be able to find your Ad. Your ad’s listing may be found directly on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Please be aware that Search engine content and indexing is outside of our control.

7. Advertising With Great Features & Benefits: Our advertising packages and formats have been specifically designed to help your business build credibility, look professional and inform customers why they should buy from you. It will also assist you by driving extra business to your inbox, Website, phone and business premises* (*optional).

8. YouTube Video Production & Social Media Marketing: We can produce low cost YouTube videos for you to promote your business and heavily discount the price of YouTube videos for clients that advertise with us. Combine the power of paid Facebook advertising and your NIJIRI ads to reach additional customers online and generate even more leads. We do all the hard work for you. Phone for details and F-Boost your ad now!

9. Measurable Results: Your advertisement’s traffic will be constantly measured and the results available to you in your account area at any time. This is a great tool for you to be able to estimate your return on investment. But let us face it, our online business directory advertising is so affordable that you will probably only need to receive one decent enquiry a month to pay for your ad. You can also see how many days your ad has remaining via the use of the handy “days remaining” counter.

10. Low Cost Yet High Quality: NIJIRI.com is an easy, professional, innovative and cost effective way for business owners to advertise online and increase their Internet marketing presence into the 36 states and beyond. It is an ideal marketing tool for small businesses looking for an effective, low cost Internet advertising solution. Our adverting packages are extremely cost effective and are great value for money when compared to local Newspaper, Radio, Television, Magazines, Flyers, Phone book advertising and other online business directories. We even offer businesses that are located within the directory area a FREE ONLINE ADVERTISEMENT.

11. Design Your Own Advert Or We Can Help: When you create your own ad we have inserted useful tips to help you get the best results. If you feel confident that you can design a great ad on your own, go ahead and create it now – our ad wizard will make it easy for you! Alternatively you can have an experienced local advertising consultant help you build your ad and assist with SEO copywriting to maximise the effectiveness of your advert/s for a small extra charge. We are happy to visit you at your local office or you can phone or e-mail us.

12. Develop Brand Image: Companies will surely have their profile on online directories with information for prospects to discover. Furthermore, they are able to accept comments, recommendations and reviews and in many cases connect to clients and other businesses. NIJIRI.com allow videos and photos that promote the company. The likewise have maps that help clients to concentrate on the physical location of your firm. This will help the firm to formulate its brand image so that clients can understand that they are trustworthy and reliable.

13. Free Traffic Generator: Entrepreneurs who list their companies inside of NIJIRI.com can easily generate more visitors recommended to their websites. A number of people who visit online listing are frequently looking for a specific style of company that is operating in their area. They are therefore likely to select the link to the listed website’s online page for addition information.

14. Power to Target Relevant Audiences: A company that is indexed by NIJIRI.com might be more likely to reach its targeted audience. People who select the backlink to the website are often ready-to-buy traffic who is more likely to convert into sales. Such individuals will define their search to a certain category that will be really keen on, and when they follow the URL to your website, they are likely to make an acquisition.

15. Maximise The Benefits Of Booming Smart Phone & Tablet Sales: It seems now that more and more people are using the Internet to find local businesses and fewer people using phone books. As the sales of smart phones, laptops and tablets continue to grow, your potential and existing customers will be able to find and be informed about your business through the use of our directory online at home, at work or on the go via all of these devices using “click to call” technology.

16. Provides a Network Platform: There are actually the greatest forms of businesses on local online directories. A businessperson can easily connect to the other entrepreneurs inside different categories. Possible profiles of suppliers, manufacturers and retailers who they will assist, and this may available exactly how for expansion.

17. No Need to Purchase Additional: Unlike some other online directories, there is no need to purchase additional towns or post codes to reach your customers. With NIJIRI.com, your ad will be found in your category for the entire directory region at no extra cost – reaching more customers for less.

18. Edit Yourself Anytime For Free: You are in control. You can edit your own advert or listing – 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week. Simply log into your account then update any details including, your address, phone number, text, opening hours, qualifications, keywords, menu / brochure, web link, logo, photos and more any time for free!

19. May Help Your Website To Rank Better On Google: By linking your Website to NIJIRI.com, it is possible that you will obtain SEO benefits and help improve your website’s online ranking.

20. Pay No Extra For Quotes & Enquiries When you purchase an advertisement that provides quote requests and e-mail enquiries – that is all you pay for. You may receive an unlimited number of quotes and/or enquiries at no additional cost.